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Sky Cruise, Concept of a ‘Flying Hotel’

The video rendering of Sky Cruise gives a glimpse of the future of hotel and air travel. Image: Courtesy Hashem Al-Ghaili/Youtube.

An idea for the flying “hotel of the future” that could hold 5,000 people on a non-stop trip that could go on for years without stopping was posted on YouTube by animator Hashem Al-Ghaili.

Sky Cruise concept claims such an aircraft could be built in the future with no carbon footprint.

The nuclear reactor on board will power twenty electric engines, which means it would be able to stay afloat without landing for several years.

The Sky Cruise will be fitted with state-of-the-art amenities, from an observation deck with three viewing domes to enjoy 360° views to an entertainment concourse with shopping malls, restaurants, pools, theatres, medical facilities, wedding venues, and more!

Visitors can experience extraordinary experiences like up-close viewing of the mesmerizing aurora borealis while living in high-end luxury and taking in jaw-dropping panoramas of spectacular sunsets.

Although there is no known price for Sky Cruise, some predicted that a trip to Sky Cruise would cost a fortune.

Would you try Sky Cruise?

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