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Ready for a New Adventure? Check Out These 10 Free Games Like Diablo 4 Now!

Diablo 4 has finally launched, bringing a new wave of excitement to the world of action role-playing games. This highly anticipated title has been on the radar of gamers worldwide, offering an intense blend of combat, epic loot, and dark fantasy themes. For those who are diving into this fresh adventure or are curious about similar experiences, here are 10 free games like Diablo 4 that you can enjoy for a thrilling gaming journey.


1. Path of Exile

Path of Exile offers a dark and gloomy world that mirrors Diablo’s atmosphere. The game boasts a complex skill tree and item system, allowing for endless customization of characters. The ongoing expansion packs and leagues add fresh content regularly, making it an exciting prospect for any action RPG fan.

2. MU Online

This classic game from the early 2000s still holds a solid player base. MU Online shares Diablo’s isometric perspective and focus on grinding for gear. Its world of dark fantasy filled with diverse classes and challenging bosses will surely keep you occupied.

3. Lost Ark

While not strictly similar to Diablo in terms of gameplay mechanics, Lost Ark shares the same top-down perspective and emphasis on dungeon crawling. The game stands out with its MMORPG elements, impressive graphics, and highly satisfying combat.

4. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn presents a dark and gritty world reminiscent of Diablo’s atmosphere. With dual class system, expansive world, deep lore, and loot-filled dungeons, it’s a highly engaging free alternative while waiting for Diablo 4.

5. Torchlight II

Created by some of the original Diablo developers, Torchlight II embodies much of what made Diablo a hit. Its colorful art style, dynamic classes, and addictive loot system will entice any Diablo fan.

6. Last Epoch

Still in early access, Last Epoch mixes traditional hack-and-slash gameplay with deep character customization and time travel mechanics. It offers a unique spin on the genre, making it worth checking out for any Diablo fan.

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7. Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane allows players to delve into the rich Warhammer universe with gameplay very similar to Diablo. From class-based character development to cooperative multiplayer, it’s an exciting and free alternative to Diablo 4.

8. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Though it has had a rocky launch, Wolcen’s stunning graphics, fluid combat, and open character development system make it a strong contender in the ARPG genre. It is a game that Diablo fans will appreciate.

9. Titan Quest

A classic in the genre, Titan Quest is an ARPG set in a mythological world. Though not as dark as Diablo, its class system, expansive world, and exciting gameplay make it a worthwhile free experience.

10. Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT)

A mobile entry, HIT, offers fast-paced combat and beautiful graphics on your smartphone. It’s filled with the looting, leveling, and boss-fighting that Diablo fans love.


The world of ARPGs is more vibrant and varied than ever. Each of these free games brings something unique to the genre and can scratch that Diablo itch while we wait for Diablo 4. So, gear up, choose your game, and get ready for a new adventure!

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