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Meet The Bloom: Bringing A Revolution to Light

THE BLOOM LIGHT is beautiful, clean, and simple design wall light. It’s inspired by NASA solar panel technology and the natural beauty of flowers. The Bloom Light has unique concentric inner-ridge detail that casts beautiful shadows. Bloom is a wall light that has the power to illuminate and bring positive emotions into the space around it. Bloom is an interior wall light designed for modern homes of all kinds

Bloom is a lot more than a light…it’s beautiful to look at, and extremely fun to use. Its glow creates a captivating focal point that evokes curiosity in its surroundings. Bloom looks great as a bedside lamp or accent lighting for your home or office.


The Bloom Light is a folding lamp that changes from dim to bright depending on your needs. When turned off, the minimalistic design and low light function offer you to gently light. When turned on, the lamp unfolds and increases in brightness, encouraging concentration and productivity for your day.

The Bloom Light is a new kind of lamp that uses a completely new mechanism to open and close itself. It’s not only fun and inventive but also intuitive. The Bloom lamp is a unique and constant source of pleasant, diffused ambient light which provides a warm and relaxing atmosphere.


The Bloom Light is a lamp that opens like a flower and the more you turn the central dial the more the bloom opens and the brighter it gets. As you turn the dial, an initial glow can be seen through an opening at the center of the lamp, and as you continue turning it opens to reveal individual, with LED lights embedded within. It’s almost as pretty to watch as it is to use. This lamp could be easily used in any space, whether that’s using it in an office or in your home. It also has a spherical design which allows this light.


As its name implies, this lamp brings light and happiness in unpredictable situations. With a simple gesture, the Bloom light helps you create a positive environment that encourages human connection and allows you to stay in the present moment. It brings joy to your life simply by being there.

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