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Meet Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1, The Bike That Rides On Water

The World’s First Hydrofoil Bike


HYDROFOILER XE-1 is the world’s first water bike that replicates the cycling experience on water.


With XE-1 you can pedal across rivers, ride sea waves, and cycle along the coastlines with convenience.


Using the same foiling technology as America’s Cup sailboats, Manta5 has created a surreal sensation of flight.


The XE-1 is suitable for a wide range of fitness levels. Cycle along ocean coastlines, train along waterways, or cruise lakeside with friends and family.


Resilient against salt water and corrosion. The Hydrofoiler’s frame and gears are packed full of ingenious design details that stay true to the simplicity of a beautifully crafted bike.


In the future, it can be used for traveling, training, competitive sports, and other purposes.


If you can ride a bike and swim you will be able to ride the Hydrofoiler XE-1.

The retail price of Hydrofoiler XE-1 is $8,990.

Would you ride it?

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