Monday, April 15, 2024


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HP Go! – A Compact Portable Scanner For Users On The Move

This product is an HP-branded design concept. It is a portable scanner with easy to use and carry design. It allows the user to scan any type of document in A4 format on the go. The design features a rounded curved shape and a rubber pad that ensures stable stability on any surface.

It is extremely simple to use. There is only 2 button on it. One of them is on-off; the other is the scan button. The device’s use is designed to be connected to the device from your phone via the mobile application HP Go and scan your documents through the application.

This scanner is extremely minimal and easy to use. It will allow you to easily scan your documents in a few seconds at your office, home, school, anywhere outside.

We loved this minimal and convenient scanner! We hope the design will not remain as a concept design, and we can see it in our lives.


Designer: Sebastian Halin

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