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Google to delete old Gmail data and photos. Here’s how to prevent it.

Google has announced that it will begin purging the data of inactive Google accounts, including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Google Photos, starting on December 1. This move comes as a security measure, as inactive accounts are more vulnerable to being compromised.

  • To avoid having your account and its contents deleted, it’s important to keep your account active by logging in at least once every two years. Alternatively, engaging with your account, such as reading an email, watching a YouTube video, or using Google search while logged in, will also suffice to maintain its active status.

    Google has emphasized that this policy change is driven by security concerns. The company has cited statistics indicating that abandoned accounts are ten times more likely than active accounts to lack 2-step verification, making them susceptible to security breaches.

    Critics of Google’s decision have raised concerns about the potential loss of valuable content stored in inactive accounts. However, Google has clarified that it does not plan to delete any YouTube videos as part of this data purge.

    Furthermore, Google provides a way for users to proactively manage their inactive accounts, including making plans for access to their accounts in the event of their passing. This proactive approach aligns with the growing concern of digital legacy management, as highlighted by a 2019 study suggesting that dead accounts could outnumber the living on social media platforms in the future.

    In light of these changes, it’s important for users to stay informed about Google’s policies regarding inactive accounts and take proactive steps to ensure the security and preservation of their digital data.

    For more information and guidance on managing your Google account in light of these upcoming changes, please refer to Google’s official communication and resources.

    Remember, staying active and engaged with your Google account is crucial to safeguarding your data and avoiding potential account purges.


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