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Functional And Comfortable Crocs Design

Crocs started collaborating with various famous people this year like Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber.

This time, they formed another partnership to design a product that is both creative and functional. New York designer Nicole McLaughlin, known for her sustainable fashion crafts, has made new collaborations. According to her, “A single sentence should not describe an element, but find ways to tell stories through what we create.”

Dubbed Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs Classic Clog, this series was recently produced in conjunction with the innovative Foot Locker and the Project Greenhouse x Crocs division. This partnership provides Crocs with comfort as well as mountain and rock climbing and camping-like functionality.

It has a fully functional appearance with additions such as a tiny headlight, storage bag, paracord, small rope harness, compass, and carabiner. It has ankle-height maroon and olive green gaiters to protect your feet and ankles while walking through the bushes. These gaiters have two pockets on the heel to store small items. In these pockets, you can hide your money and necessary small items.

You can easily remove these plugins from your Crocs when you don’t need them. These add-ons never put an extra load on your feet. But it is worth saying that. We do not recommend using it on a very snowy trip. For your health, you should prefer thicker boots in places with harsh winters.


Designer: Project Greenhouse in collaboration with Nicole McLaughlin x Crocs

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