We live in a world where everything is transforming and developing rapidly. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with this pace. Architecture is at the top of the changing and developing fields. 

This article is about tiny homes that have been very popular for some time. Building a house has never been easy. Nowadays, it is not that difficult to build your own house with the new technology system. A prefabricated house offers you a cost-effective solution that will make your life easier. You don’t just have to use it as a Scandinavian style home. You can use it to set up your store or coffee shop. The choice is yours.

 Maybe these houses tell us how precious our time is. Because you can set up this house anywhere and for any purpose in as little as a few hours. 


It takes under 8 weeks to manufacture and 3 hours to install it. All electric and sanitary equipment comes prefabricated.

Just move in.

While it reminds of northern houses in terms of its appearance, it also preserves its aesthetic structure.

You can determine the color and details of your home yourself.


Here are a few images from inside the house. The interior is beautifully designed and looks spacious.

There are two more houses offered as Rustic, Urban, and Compact.

Urban style is a suitable choice for areas such as temporary accommodation, city hotel, and pop-up cafe.

Compact style suitable for use as a kiosk, glamping box, promotional stand, food market, or bungalow.

Brette Haus offers a range of 20, 30, 50 sqm mobile homes. Origami-inspired houses guarantee 100 folding cycles. Manufactured with cross-laminated timber with panels guaranteed to prevent shrinkage, while still offering warmth even without insulation in colder weather. With its environmentally friendly structure, it produces 80% less waste and uses 99% less water. 

“After years in wooden industries, we have concluded that prefabrication manufacturing is the most up to date way of building a house. It is just like when you play LEGO – you have separate parts, which have to be put together. Brette Haus ‘plays’ LEGO for a customer and then constructs a tiny home perfect for instant moving in,” said Brette Haus founder Gennadii Bakunin.