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Decoding the DNA of Voice Versatility: Insights into Vocal Pitch Variation

An unprecedented study leveraging speech recordings from nearly 13,000 Icelanders, coupled with their genomic data, has uncovered genetic influences on voice pitch and a fascinating link between voice pitch and cardiovascular health.

This breakthrough research marks the first extensive examination into the genetic factors affecting voice pitch, conducted on a comprehensive data set of 13,000 Icelandic individuals. In the course of the study, scientists identified common variants in the ABCC9 gene that were associated with a higher voice pitch in both men and women. Intriguingly, these same variants were found to be linked to a higher pulse pressure, a notable cardiovascular risk factor, thereby suggesting an unanticipated connection between voice pitch and health.


Moreover, the study delved into the genetics of vowel acoustics, an area that, while recognized to be influenced by culture and context, had not been examined from a genetic standpoint. The researchers discovered a heritable component tied to the acoustics of vowel sounds, which is likely connected to the shape of the vocal tract and its impact on producing vowel sounds.

Speech and voice are two of the most defining characteristics of human behavior, but their genetic underpinnings have remained largely mysterious. With this innovative research, scientists have not only shed light on the genetic influences on voice pitch and vowel acoustics but also revealed an intriguing relationship between these characteristics and cardiovascular health.

Our understanding of the genetic basis of the human vocal system and the variants that contribute to individual differences in voice and speech has been limited. This study explores how voice pitch and vowel acoustics change across the lifespan and how they correlate with anthropometric, physiological, and cognitive traits.

We found a heritable component to voice pitch and vowel acoustics, and identified associated common variants in ABCC9. These ABCC9 variants also correlate with adrenal gene expression and cardiovascular traits.

Our findings suggest that voice pitch and vowel acoustics are influenced by genetics, representing significant strides towards understanding the genetics and evolution of the human vocal system.

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