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China Unveils Groundbreaking Redesign of the Toilet Bowl

In a groundbreaking venture at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, researchers have unveiled an ultra-slippery toilet bowl, a marvel that resists anything from adhering to its surface. Such an innovation could, in the future, challenge the centuries-old dominance of porcelain and ceramic in toilet bowl production.

For generations, the charm and practicality of porcelain and ceramic have been instrumental in crafting toilet bowls. However, the winds of change could be blowing. If the novel creation by these scientists gains traction, we might soon be looking at an alternative material for our toilets.


Crafted with 3D printing technology, the toilet bowl’s exceptional slipperiness is more than just a visual wonder. As depicted in a video showcased by New Scientist, the bowl’s surface denies adherence to almost any substance. Remarkably, its non-stick quality remains undeterred even after repeated use and vigorous scrubbing with sandpaper.


Beyond its obvious hygienic advantages, the ultra-slippery design promises significant environmental benefits. A non-stick surface could translate into decreased water usage during flushes, offering a sustainable edge.

Dubbed as the “abrasion-resistant super-slippery flush toilet” (ARSFT), the secret lies in its unique composition. Designed to repel both complex fluids and viscoelastic solids, the materials, as stated in their research paper in Advanced Engineering Materials, traditionally falter under mechanical abrasions. However, the newly developed material defies this norm. Astonishingly, it maintains its slickness even when faced with the roughness of sandpaper.


While it’s early days, and the thought of this new-age material entirely replacing conventional ones might seem far-fetched, the strides made are undeniable. The achievement marks a significant leap in sanitary science and opens up a world of possibilities. With our eyes set on the stars, and endeavors to establish lunar bases becoming a reality, might we see the ultra-slippery toilet accompanying astronauts in space? Only time will tell.



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