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ChessUp: The New Generation of Match

“How can we teach better?” An invention born with the question. This Kickstarter project, supported by AI technology, seems to be the pinnacle of learning the game of chess.

Meet the best chess teacher in the world.

ChessUp is the summation of your chess coach, analyst, and best opponent. Live training makes your instant learning and motion analysis. When you want to make a move, it highlights the possible movements and how effective and quality these movements are with three different colors. With Smart Touch Sensors, you can see this instantly. This allows you to see the possibilities of your action and analyze the attack of the opponent player. This teaches you to set up possible scenarios. As you level up in chess, your AI coach improves and gives you a better learning. For this, just connect via Bluetooth. Supported by Stockfish’s lastest version, ChessUp is designed to offer and teach you better gameplay.

Find out the background of your moves! If you don’t actually understand why a move you are making is good or bad, don’t worry. Click on the “learn” button from ChessUp and get all the analysis and reasons easily! In this way, instantly and visually reaching the reason for the move you made will enable you to learn better. This way, you can develop more strategies.

Have you just started chess? Let it assist you with ChessUp from level 1. Let it teach you all the basics by playing games. If you are a beginner and you know a few moves, let it teach you to set up possible scenarios with analysis and motion technology. You can match and play with opponents, you can compete fiercely with your friends on the board.

See the steps you can take on the board! It’s a great learning method for beginners and developing people on chess! Learn to strategize better over time by improving your visual memory and memorization ability!

Blitz chess! You don’t need to worry about the timer anymore. ChessUp recognizes your movement and automatically runs the timer for you.

You are not just tied to the board. It is a platform where you can play online while traveling, outside, in the park. Match with opponents of your level and enjoy! If you want to play a number of games, remember your assistant will be disabled!

A great improvement for tech-savvy! This great game is a Kickstarter project. Many people have already pre-ordered!

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