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Architects build spaces in line with the needs and wishes of their customers. Sometimes these customers may want to design spaces taking into account the comfort of their beloved animals. Build Tiny designers built a tiny house called Cyril House in October 2020. This tiny house has many features and was also built for cats.

Made of steel frame and aluminum exterior, this house is 8 x 2.7 m. There are a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom at the lower level. There are a double bedroom and an office on both sides of the mezzanine floor. You can go to the office part with a seaman’s ladder. The bedroom is reached by a small wooden staircase, understairs part of which is used as a storage area. This small house standing on a double axle trailer has a spacious and high ceiling. The carpeted shelves installed between the office and the loft bedroom help your cat come easily to you while you are working in the home office upstairs.

Full-size kitchen; it is equipped with a built-in gas heater, dishwasher, four-burner gas hob, oven, full-size refrigerator, and plenty of storage space and pantry. In this respect, it is a great advantage.

After the kitchen, there is a bathroom and a toilet at the rear. An important problem was easily solved with a minimal shower cabin and a portable toilet. The sink part is wider and there is an area for dressing. Each area is used functionally. As with wooden storage niches on the wall. The designers also installed a Natureshead composting toilet inside the bathroom to enhance the tiny house’s overall commitment to sustainability. Just outside the bathroom, Build Tiny has integrated a solar storage cabinet into one of the house’s side facades so that excess solar energy can be stored with you instead of sending it back to the grid. In addition to energy-efficient, integrated solar panels, there are plans for a future fireplace to heat the house from the corner of the living room, and a gas califont provides hot water to the tiny house. You and your cat will feel peaceful and happy in this very large, tiny house.

Designer:  Build Tiny

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