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‘BeYou’ Transforming Chair With 10 Ways You Can Sit

Most of us work for hours at a computer. In time, our back, waist, and shoulders start to ache. Our sitting position starts to disturb us over time. For this reason, healthy sitting habits should be given priority first. To help organize these habits, BeYou, Bravo Tribe’s infinitely rotating chair was designed. It was designed to let you focus and recreate your intuitive body movements.

BeYou is “a transformable seat that adapts to your body movement”, which means that whatever position you sit in, BeYou will adjust accordingly. What makes this chair special is that it is not fixed in any way, but designed to constantly change to meet your changing needs. The convertible chair is covered in soft and durable fabric wrapped over a double layer of foam for a flexible and form-fitting seat rest. The outer parts are covered with oak veneer. Thus, a warm and stylish appearance has been achieved.


The quick-release hinges that replace; it tries to reveal more than ten different positions that you can transform BeYou into with simple, intuitive mechanical movements. Auto-locking wheels move BeYou on the ground easily. It is built to withstand continuous movement and heavy loads. It easily allows quick turns and movement on both carpet and hard surfaces.

Another special aspect of the BeYou is the winged feature – the armrests surrounding the chair’s seat can be opened into enlarged wings, increasing the total area of ​​the seat. So you can lie down or sit more comfortably as you wish. Also, BeYou’s backrest is built to allow users to sit comfortably for longer. The side armrests are designed to fold in so you can easily put your laptop or study notes on it. You will be able to work very comfortably in your office or home, thanks to the flexible use of this chair, its ability to be folded and transformed into more than ten shapes.

Chief designer of Bravo Tribe “We sit in an office, work from home, sit down to relax, sit while eating. But despite our years of experience, we’re in terrible shape. “ With this in mind, they designed this functional chair.

The chair looks very functional. We can’t wait to try this chair!

Designer: Bravo Tribe

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