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An Award-Winning Transforming Furniture Design ‘CoZee Bedside Crib Sleeping Baby Cot ‘

Tutti Bambini, a UK-based brand, has produced the award-winning CoZee Bedside Bedstead that remains strong and durable for a long time that you can use after your toddler grows up. Recognized by the European Product Design Award for Best Design for Kids and Baby Products of 2020, the CoZee XL was designed by Michael Samuel.

CoZee XL is a design that has been with your child from the moment of birth, grows with your child, provides endless comfort and familiarity for years, and turns into 4 different furniture and uses. 

Image Source: Tutti Bambini

CoZee XL functions as a Bedside Bed in the first stage. Bedside Bed is extremely functional and safe. It can be used as a small cradle and bed. You can place it beside your bed. When your baby grows over the size of its crib, CoZee can expand into a larger crib. This baby cradle is ideal for babies and toddlers from 6 months to two years old. The Bedside Bed gives you easy access during the night and creates a safe space for your child. The curved edges of the wooden frame protect both you and your child against bumps and minor accidents.

When your child is two years old, CoZee XL’s Cot will turn into a Child Bed. The Junior Bed is an ideal size for a toddler between two and four years old. It consists of a simple bed frame with a padded headboard and base. When your child is 5 years old, this bed now completes the function of being your child’s bed. Finally, it turns into a sofa. A small sofa that you can use in your child’s room or in another corner of your home is not a bad idea.
The CoZee XL is a versatile furniture that can be transformed, as well as fully foldable and portable. It comes to you in the size of a small travel bag and begins to spend his life with you.

Image Source: Tutti Bambini

It may be preferable to buy cheaper furniture, but remember that this furniture has four different functions and can be used for a lifetime. We hope that in this way we will begin to see more environmentally friendly and highly functional furniture designs. When looking at the long term, it is both more useful and cheaper. We loved this design and I hope you will enjoy it while reading.

Designer: Michael Samuel – Tutti Bambini


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