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A Transforming Table Design That Turns Into A Lounge Chair For A Nap

Designed by the famous French architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier, “Chaise Renversée” is a table that can turn into a lounge. A very plain and minimal concept has been designed. The literal translation of Chaise Renversée is “the chair overturned” and it has a very pleasant and understandable meaning.

Since we’ve all been stuck in our homes lately, we’re constantly looking for ways to optimize space. Especially if you live in the city and your home space is small, you should find ways to optimize things. Our current situation and the need to be flexible in a small space was what inspired Gerlier to design the Chaise Renversée. This furniture provides a desk to work with and can then when you want to take a nap or want to relax it turns into a lounge chair.

“The sunbed is a table for those who don’t want to have a table,” says the architect. Indeed, if you only use your desk to reply to emails, work or eat on it, and your desk is taking up a lot of space, why wouldn’t the idea of ​​installing another function on your desk make sense? What we need for our flexible lifestyle is actually what Gerlier gave us and wanted to show! We can create and use more functional furniture by combining the functions of the furniture that we use more or, less instead of killing the area with excess items in small houses.

This sense of design and the table-lounge chair inspired us. We hope you were impressed too!

Designer: Pierre-Louis Gerlier

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