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A Beginner’s Guide to Coding: Which Language Should You Choose?

Welcome to the exciting world of coding! If you’re a beginner, choosing the right programming language can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry – this article is here to help! With so many languages available, it can be difficult to decide which one you should learn first. In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics of coding and help you understand which language is best for your goals.


source: Indeed

One of the first object-oriented languages and one of the most in-demand languages to be knowledgeable in is Java. Java tutorials and material are widely available due to its popularity, making it a fantastic choice for beginning your first programming project.


The following applications use Java:


Website creation


Mobile applications


Using desktop programs




Source: VisualStudio

One of the most widely used programming languages worldwide is JavaScript. Because JavaScript can be used for server-side scripting, gaming, web applications, mobile apps, and other things by programmers, Meta, Google, and YouTube all employ it as a fundamental component of their software. Complex features like interactive menus, animations, backdrop colors, etc. are made possible via JavaScript.


Using JavaScript, the following:


Web server scripting


Website creation


Making games for browsers


Apps for the web and mobile


Another language that is rapidly expanding in the business world is Python. There are many different libraries, tools, and frameworks available for this language. Python is a wonderful first language to learn because it has a reputation for being simple to learn.


The following uses Python:


Server-side programming


Data analysis and artificial intelligence


Scripting or automation


Web and mobile applications


source: Kotlinlang

A general-purpose language designed particularly for Google applications is called Kotlin. Additionally, it supports functional programming languages and is Java compatible. Companies like Coursera, Pinterest, and PostMates employ Kotlin in their frameworks. For programmers at the intermediate to expert level, this language is regarded as a wise choice.


Source: VisualStudio

One of the top languages for the.NET framework is C#, a different intermediate-to-advanced language created by Microsoft. Software for Windows, Android, and iOS works best with this language.


Source: Wikipedia

22.55% of developers who participated in a recent Stack Overflow survey of thousands of developers worldwide named C++ as their preferred programming language. It is a strong, all-purpose programming language designed to create applications that perform faster and scale much more successfully. In fact, C++ served as the fundamental building block for the majority of Windows applications.

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Source: Wikipedia

Ruby is a flexible, dynamic programming language that is most frequently used with the Rails framework. Only 6.05% of the developers polled said it was their favorite, but because to its clear syntax and object-oriented support, it offers developers cutting-edge capabilities.

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