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9 Websites That Can Be Useful For Those Who Want to Learn a Foreign Language

Knowing a second or more foreing language is a very effective plus nowadays. In today’s world, where most of the business and other relations have reached the global level, knowing languages other than the mother tongue has become a necessity. There are many websites that can provide assistance in learning a new foreing language. This article introduces a few of them.

Duolingo is the most popular foreign language learning service known on the internet. This service is very educational for the enthusiast with its forums and fun quizzes. Moreover, this website has many language options.

Website: Duolingo

With more than 50 million users worldwide and a wide range of language teaching capabilities, busuu is known as the most popular service after Duolingo.

Website: Busuu 

The BBC is not only a news service, but also a typical Academy. It is possible to obtain information at the academic level via the very special articles published on the websites. BBC Language Education program offers its visitors the opportunity to learn English. The BBC also has a page called English Lessons, whose Quick Language Learning article gives some good ideas. If you already know English and want to take it further, you should try this service.

Website: BBC Languages 

You can learn 35 languages on Livemocha. The fact that this number of languages makes it among the most known websites.

Website: Livemocha 

Memrise is capable of teaching languages in the departments prepared by societies founded on science and history. With memrise, you can learn the history of the countries you are curious about and follow the developments in science. Of course, with the guidance of experts who know that language.

Website: Memrise

Verbling is a service where you can learn a language from online education experts instead of courses with physical classes. You can take lessons with the community or alone, and start learning a new language via Skype, and Google+ Hangouts On Air services.

Website: Verbling

Babbel is a slightly more professional service than the services above. Depending on the level of your language knowledge, it quarters you with a community and there you start to improve your language. It is highly predictable that further training with grammar, vocabulary, and different pronunciations will add a lot to your language.

Website: Babbel

Bitgab, unlike other options, is a free social network that offers language learning with a more social and fun technique. Contents prepared for different interests are shared with you according to your level. It offers you the opportunity to chat with friends or teachers from various parts of the world and you can also meet by camera if you wish. You don’t need to open an account such as Skype or Google+ Hangout for video or phone calls and download applications. 

Website: Bitgab 

English Ninjas is a platform where you can have live video conversations with native English-speaking instructors on mobile and the web. You can practice English whenever and wherever you want through our own application. While recording the conversation you want and going over your mistakes, you can follow your progress through the application during your membership. In addition to being able to practice in areas such as job interviews, presentations and IELTS, you also have the chance to practice speaking on daily topics. It provides flexibility to users of different budgets and densities, with various day and minute preferences.

Website: English Ninjas

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