Tear trailers that were out of fashion in the 60s are reborn. It was not preferred due to its very small area. Larger caravans and styles with beds, kitchens, and bathrooms were more popular. Because they are like your moving house, they provide home comfort and you can have a holiday wherever you want.

But nowadays, more minimal and space-saving caravans draw attention. The best advantage is that you can store it in your garage or warehouse. When you want to get away from the city for the weekend, it would be great to mount it in the back of your car and hit the road without wasting time. Small and handy is one of the best reasons to choose. It’s not very big like other large caravans and doesn’t need to be full of stuff. These trailers will be very useful if you are avoiding hotel reservations due to Covid-19 or if you want to travel by car.

Here are 7 best teardrop trailers we recommend for your next camping. 

Tiny Camper: The Mini


The Mini is Camper’s most popular model. It saves fuel, takes up little space and is lightweight. It has a queen-size bed and storage space at the back. It feels spacious with its panoramic glass. It will be the perfect tool for your nature adventures. You can visit the gallery here and the site directly from here.

Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailers: T250LX


This incredible trailer can carry more payload than this teardrop itself, which weighs only 216 pounds. Being lightweight makes it easy for you to carry it wherever you want. Visit here for more information about this beautiful teardrop. 

Polydrop: P17A


I think it’s the most interesting and futuristic teardrop I’ve seen. You can feel yourself in the year 2060, or you can imagine yourselves on Mars while drinking your beer at sunset in Arizona. Because there are no absurd feelings or dreams for this amazing teardrop trailer. Visit this “space teardrop trailer” website here

Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers: Papa Bear 


So cool! This is really cool! Its nature-compatible structure will allow you to sleep comfortably and safely at night. It also comes with mosquito net doors and a portable toilet. Let’s visit this cool trail from here

Vintage Overland


Vintage Overland has 3 different style caravans in total. All teardrops are made by hand. The outer part is made of anodized aluminum which prevents corrosion. The interior is made with Baltic Birch, multi-layer plywood, and a water-resistant clear coating. And it is about 317.5 kg. This trailer with its awesome features was created exactly for vintage lovers. Visit here for more. 



Simple but stunning. Water-resistant wooden surfaces offer elegance. If you’re looking for more than a trailer, this is for you. You can find all the specifications here.

Timberleaf: Pika


Pika is small by standards. It is the smallest of the Timberleaf family. It has an extra sliding window and skylight. This makes it more spacious although it is small. Like most teardrops, it has a kitchen on the back side. For super functional properties click here.