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7 Inspiring Movies for Home Decoration

Decoration and design lovers gather here! We have brought together 7 movies that will not take your eyes off while watching and you will fall in love with every single detail. Hold tight, we’re starting! 

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky

Absolutely, the first movie will be starting with a fashion icon. 

You watch the dance of black & white throughout the movie.  

Breakfast at Tifanny's

Although it is a romantic movie, it is because that it represents New York’s chic and fashionable femininity that makes the movie famous. 

Details of the movie give inspirational home decor ideas. A seat made of a bathtub can inspire you. Think about it! 

The Great Gatsby

Those who see this movie know that there are a lot of lovely decor items to watch out for. 

You will definitely lose yourself in the details. 


Vintage lovers will love this style. 

After seeing this French movie, you will learn that even an artichoke has a heart, and Amelie’s house is magnificent. 

Down with Love

Each character in the movie has a color. You can choose your own color and design your home with these colors and tones. 

Director Peyton Reed said in an interview with SDSA: “Catch, Ewan McGregor’s character has this great 60’s mechanical couch that turns, of course, into a bed. We did it in the spirit of an Edward Wormley sofa for Dunbar covered it in Navy Blue Knoll fabric. I could use one of these”. 

A Single Man

The movie directed by Tom Ford.

Minimalists can inspire from George’s home. 

It's Complicated

If you are looking for inspiration for your kitchen design, this movie is a must-watch. 

Meryl’s house in the movie is an inspiring case study!

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