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7 Creative Ideas To Make Use Of Spaces Under Staircase

As the 7 examples, we’ll give you in this post will show you, there are multiple practical and creative ways to use the space under the stairs. You can rediscover it as a place to read, store stuff, work, or enjoy a wonderful view.

Here are 7 great under the stairs ideas for you!

1. Copake Lake House


Source: Thom Filicia

You can turn your under staircase with a small kitchen like in this small house.


This creative design puts a wine cellar right under the usually dead area under your stairs. It has an amazing and elegant look!

3. Manhattan Micro Loft

Source: Specht Harpman Architects

These hidden closets fit precisely into the design of your stairs so no one will know that you are storing your shoes, clothes, and everything else in your stairwell. :)

4. Sugar Bowl Residence

Source: John Maniscalco Architecture

It’s a warm and private place to admire the scenery outside. An example of the beautiful use of the under the staircase.

5. Harris Powder Roomdwell

Source: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Why waste space when you can turn it into a storage space or a room? In this example, under the stairs has been transformed into a small bathroom.


In this example, too, a large space-saving washing machine and dryer are placed under the stairs. The dead space is well utilized and the space occupied by these 2 items is saved.

7. Twin Peaks

Source: John K. Anderson Design

Why shouldn’t your reading corner and bookcase be under the stairs? A perfect getaway point when you want to rest your head and relieve the tiredness of the day!

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