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7 Cool and Creative Gadget Packaging Design

In fact, we all buy products by paying attention to the package design. The most eye-catching, favorite package designs attract us more.
In this article, we have compiled 7 impressive and creative electronic packaging designs for some of the most popular electronic devices. Some designs prefer less is more approach, while others go out with more attractive and vibrant designs. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Runs on Duracell


‘The design of the package was created to be simple, bold, and iconic. To make buying a battery, like buying a toy!’ It’s inspired by Star Wars and robots and its student project. Loved this minimal and simple design.

Designer: Spencer Bigum

2. Gigs 2 Go™

Made from molded paper pulp, this inexpensive, credit-card-sized data pack is a fast, easy way to share large files. This looks clever and sustainable. 

Designer: BOLTgroup Charlotte and Kurt Rampton

3. Limited Edition Fedrigoni Leica

Beautiful packaging for a Leica camera, this design takes the “out of the box” experience to another level. You will feel very special with this stylish box design.

Designer: Geometry Global

4. Note

A clever and simple packaging design that turns the headphones and cable into notes you’d normally find on a music page. It is made of cardboard paper and is recyclable. Less is more.

Designer: Corrine Pant

5. SunLumen

Half black, half white, and an orange line symbolizing the link between a dark environment illuminated by an orange bulb. It’s a really clever and beautiful design.

Designer: Denis Tarakanov, Clёver Branding

6. Goldfish Tea Bags

In this design with cardboard handles, goldfishes look as if they are attached to the fishing line. This herbal tea branding design, which is a creative design, has a very elegant appearance.

Designer: Charm Villa’s goldfish tea. Charm Villa

7. Minion Headphones 

The theme of this cute project design is to design a package that interacts with the product. The closed eyes inside this two-piece box are the part where the headphones are wrapped. Loved it!

Designer: Amparo M-Conde

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