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7 Best YouTube Workout Channels To Try To Stay Fit During Quarantine

We all had a hard time during the quarantine days and we still have these difficulties. Staying healthy is the most important thing these days! How would you like to be both healthy and fit? It wouldn’t be bad to do some ABS. 😁
We have compiled a few free effective youtube home workout channels for you.

Stay fit, stay healthy!

1. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting, who has over 16 million YouTube subscribers, is known for her unique shaping exercise moves and time-sensitive workouts. Also, he’s always posting different fitness challenges; Our favorite thing is that there are different exercise programs aimed at strengthening and toning the whole body. You can choose the program that suits your body area you want to tone and start fast and easily!

2. Mad Fit

Do you love working out to the beat of the music? Fitness YouTuber Maddie of Mad Fit choreographs toning workouts to the rhythm of songs that are topping the charts. MadFit features real-time at-home workouts, gym workouts, and pretty much anything else you need for a good sweat sesh. Each video, like the 12 minute HIIT circuit above, also includes a warmup. We also love her apartment and neighbor-friendly workouts that are effective but avoid jumping movements.

3. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif’s motto is “fast and effective,” and her YouTube Channel offers highly impressive belly and booty workouts to help you shape and tone. The difference from other channels is that she directly starts sports without talking!
There are great exercise videos with different challenges to follow and do with her. Also, you don’t even have to worry as the video already has the right music tempo!
The best part about this is that everything is done at home! If you want to do any of his workouts, you don’t need any equipment other than a mat.


ATHLEAN-X, the Youtube channel run by Jeff Cavaliere, is one of the best workout Youtube channels out there with over 11 million subscribers!

This channel dedicated to building muscle, Athlean-X is a wildly popular YouTube channel chock full of home workouts. Although there’s plenty of ground-up tutorials on this page, Athlean-X is most often geared towards the intermediate training enthusiast, helping them solve problems such as lower back pain and tight shoulders in addition to helping viewers lose fat and build muscle. 

5. POPSUGAR Fitness

From hip-hop dance classes to high-intensity interval training, POPSUGAR Fitness offers an endless variety of workout classes and fitness classes on its YouTube Channels. They also offer exercises with special guest Celebrity Trainers such as Kayla Itsines and Megan Roup. Some of our favorite workouts include POPSUGAR Tabata workouts and non-equipment cardio sessions.

6. Yoga With Adriene

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth trainer, there’s no one better than Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene. With over 8 million subscribers, her channel features high-quality free yoga vids for all levels, body types and focuses.
She has the coolest studio, most relaxing voice, talks you through everything, and is very easy to follow. Also, she has a cute dog that hangs out around the studio while you’re doing yoga with Adriene.

7. Blogilates

Award-winning Instructor Casey Ho is known for his likable personality and crazy Pilates-style moves that make you feel the burning in minutes. The YouTube Channel has over 5 million subscribers and has workouts for the whole body at all levels. It is among the channels we will recommend to you with both pilates and cardio videos.

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