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6 Must-Have Chrome Extensions to Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a good chunk of your day on the internet. Whether you’re working, browsing social media, or just killing time, there’s a good chance you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser. Did you know that there are tons of extensions available to make your life even easier? Here are six must-have Chrome extensions that will make your life easier.

In order to connect into your accounts more quickly and easily, LastPass is a Chrome extension that securely stores and maintains information including usernames and passwords. It analyzes the strength and weakness of your current passwords and offers to generate strong passwords for both new and existing accounts. Additionally, two factor authentication is provided for added security against unwanted access.

To begin, each player is assigned a role: a secret agent or a VIRUS double agent.

You’ll continue to pass around the device to learn more information about all of the players. At the end of the round, players will vote who to imprison. If a double agent is chosen, the service members win. If not, VIRUS is victorious.

Download here: LastPass

By capturing your screen, the free plugin Scribe quickly generates step-by-step instructions manuals. It transforms your mouse movements and inputs into textual instructions and screenshots. You can embed scribes in a CMS, knowledge base, or help center or share them via links. Use Scribe to make training manuals or SOPs, onboard new clients, or quickly demonstrate a task to a coworker.

Download here: Scribe

A horticultural incentive provided by forests helps people stay motivated. This extension is perfect if you have a habit of browsing Facebook or YouTube too frequently. Set a timer after entering any URLs you want to avoid while working. A virtual tree will be planted as soon as the timer has been set. Your tree will perish if you try to access any of your blacklisted URLs. Your tree won’t fully develop and be included to your virtual forest until you avoid these URLs during the timer. In addition to the smart Android software that kills a tree if you even try to use your phone, Forest is a cute approach to stay focused on your work.

Download here: Forest

To save items you find online into your Evernote account, you can use the Evernote plugin. With the help of the browser extension Evernote Web Clipper, you can easily save interesting web content to your Evernote account. With ease, get inspiration and ideas from everywhere. Save screenshots, articles, and web pages directly to Evernote. Save clipped web pages, articles, or PDFs to Evernote. Screen capture pages in their entirety or just the sections you need—without annoying advertising or sidebars.

Download here: Evernote

Ghostery is an advanced ad-blocking extension created to get rid of adverts that interfere with or interrupt your ability to see particular website content. Additionally, it masks your browsing information to prevent ad-tracking technologies from gathering sensitive personal data. These features aid in shortening the time it takes for webpages to load and eventually enhance your surfing experience.

Download here: Ghostery

A simple yet effective task manager is the Todoist Chrome addon. It enables you to handle all of your duties by organizing and assigning them from your Chrome directly, keeping track of your projects and managing them all. By using Todoist, you can add due dates, set up reminders, and create productive habits. You’ll never have to worry about missing deadlines again.

Download here: Todoist 

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