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5 Perfect Apps for Coffee Lovers

A cup of coffee is a powerful stimulant that, if misused, can make you feel anxious and agitated. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning without suffering from anxiety or jitters, it’s essential to know how to prepare coffee properly. Here are five of the best apps for creating a perfectly brewed cup of joe.

KoHi is primarily a coffee brewing timer, backed up by numerous other useful features for the keen coffee brewer. Its advanced calculators and timers ensure you can simply tell the app how much coffee you want to brew, and it figures out the exact amount of beans and water you require to make the ideal cup. It supports numerous brewing methods, and offers a recipe manager for extra convenience.

Website: KoHi

If you own an AeroPress, this is an essential purchase. It offers a catalog of carefully curated recipes, with step-by-step instructions to ensure you’ll create the perfect cup of coffee. Also working via your Apple Watch, it’s the ultimate recipe book for your AeroPress needs, and a great way of trying out different blends.

Website: AeroPress Timer offers 30 recipes for a variety of different coffee making methods. In each case, attractive animations guide you through the paces, along with statistics on everything you could possibly want to know. Recipe evaluations as well as a history section ensure you can keep track of what were your favorites and what worked out particularly well.


Brewseful’s focus is on simplicity. It’s a minimalist timer that helps you keep track of things, step by step. You can add events partway through the brew time, calculating water grounds ratios, and keeping an eye on how well ground the beans are. In each case, you can save custom brew timers for later use, meaning a more personalized experience in the long term. It’s ideal for the more experienced coffee enthusiast.

Website: Brewseful

SlowBar offers a number of different brew recipes that have been hand selected from top coffee shops and roasters. It caters for brewing methods such as AeroPress, French Press, and Chemex, along with others. Each step of the recipe is simple to understand with timers to ensure you don’t fall behind.

Website: SlowBar

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