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5 Best Apps For Couples

Couples are busier than ever these days—and with technology, communication is easier than ever. There’s never been a perfect time to turn the smartphone into an intelligent relationship tool. Check out these five free apps to help you be a better partner.

Tinder, meet existing couples! Take the ease and fun of swiping through potential matches on Tinder and turn that into a new way to find new date ideas that both partners will enjoy. Swipe right on any date idea that you find intriguing, and if your partner also swipes right, it’s a date!

Website: Cobble

Married a month or a happy couple for a decade, there are always shared tasks that need to be managed between the two of you. I know my wife is always trying to stay on top of things like the grocery list or chores around the house. Merge is an app for couples that aims to take the stress of these common issues.

Website: Merge

Merge is fantastic for couples but Kukini is an exceptional option when that couple turns into a whole family. Kukini can handle your shared tasks but it also includes activities, a shared calendar, health tracking, and a meal planner.

Website: Kukini

Put the kids to bed and draw the shades; it’s time to talk about intimacy. The gorgeous coral app helps coach you to increase your familiarity and happiness with your partner. Talk to experts, track your journey, and partake in exercises by yourself or with your partner.

Website: Coral

Three. Minutes. A day. That’s all Coupleness is asking from you. Simply jump in when convenient for you and answer the daily question. This will give you an idea of how you and your partner feel about the relationship and often open up new topics of conversation.

Website: Coupleness

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