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5 Apps to Download on iPhone for Kayakers


Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports that is enjoyed by many. If you are one of those, we have rounded up 5 apps to download for your iPhone. 

Just because you’re going out in the water doesn’t mean you can’t take your iPhone. Most iPhone models are waterproof. Plus, there are also ways you can try to keep your phone safe around water. Nevertheless, taking your iPhone with you when you go kayaking is safe as long as you take all precautions. 

Also, to download these apps on your smartphone, you need an internet connection. On that note, click here to sign up for a reliable internet connection that allows you to stay online, download apps, and gather more useful resources on your kayaking hobby. 

Moving on, here are the 5 apps you can download on your iPhone for your kayaking hobby:


The best part about this app is that there are no in-app purchases to unlock certain features, which makes the Go Paddling app completely free to use.

Go Paddling combines your iPhone’s location with the app so that you can map your location and specific surroundings around you. You can spot different dots on your phone screen in the app, which offers different information such as the name of the body of water, locks, or launching points. 

These dots also let you know if the parking is free or includes a fee, if there is a campsite nearby, or if the catering is available on the spot. 

Overall, Go Paddling includes basic information that you need about the water environment in your surroundings.


Strava is an app that caters to the needs of different sports because it helps you to keep track of your fitness. You can compare the progress of your running, riding, and swimming activities. 

This app sets goals for you to meet; you can check the best time for you to reach your destination when kayaking. You can also find unique tracking routes and maps in Strava which you had never gone through before. 

You can also meet different athletes online on Strava and be part of the growing community. This app is free to download, but it requires a premium membership to take advantage of all its features.


This app tracks all your movements through your iPhone or Apple Watch. All your data is shared with the Apple HealthKit. 

Paddle Logger is free to download. In its free version, you can only see the duration and distance you covered while kayaking. But if you go for the premium version, you can get information about the heart rate, and average/maximum speed, and allows you to upload photos of the whole tour. 

You can also place your personal reminders in the app map by adding pins, and thus visit these locations again.

When you open the app, you only need to press a large green circle, with the word “GO” to start your recording. That’s when the app starts tracking your movement. You can also adjust the setting to trigger the alarm if you do not reach your destination by either one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours or so. 

Hence, Paddle Logger has amazing features for you to use when you go kayaking. 


Going kayaking means you also need to be wary of the water levels around you. Tides Near Me is the best app for giving you essential information for riding along the coastal areas. 

Tides Near Me allows you to check on nearby tide stations and the conditions of the current tidal waves. You can quickly find out the information of the last, current, and next tide near your location, as well as when the sun and moon will rise or set. 

This app has tidal information of up to 5,500 tidal stations that are available in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and India. Tides Near You offers updated information for you. 

This is a great app to download for your next kayaking trip. 


Another app that kayaker enthusiasts must download on their iPhones is Windfinder. Just as you need to keep track of the tides around the coastal areas, you also need to keep track of the weather forecast. 

In the Windfinder app, you can check the wind speed measured at three-hour intervals in a day, so that you don’t get surprised by the sudden shifts in the air when you are kayaking. 

Apart from wind speed, you can also find information on the air temperature, wave height, and tidal conditions on the Windfinder app. Download this app to locate tide forecasts for up to 20,000 locations worldwide. 


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