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5 Apps That Seniors Can Enjoy

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about seniors and technology. Many people assume that seniors are not interested in using tech, or that they are not capable of using it. However, there are plenty of seniors who enjoy using tech, and there are plenty of apps out there that are senior-friendly. Here are five apps that seniors can enjoy:

AARP’s mobile app enables you to catch up on senior-specific news, explore local events, and find membership discounts and offers. Seniors can even turn on notifications to be reminded of local events and deals. Plus, the app gives AARP members digital access to their membership, making it easy to manage their account or show their membership card from anywhere.

Website: AARP

For seniors who have trouble reading, this app could be helpful. Magnifying Glass + Light turns on the camera and flashlight to help you read small print. The app also has easy-to-use features to help you zoom and adjust brightness.

Websites: MagnifyingGlass

Life360 can help caregivers track their seniors to ensure safe travels. Instead of frequent phone calls to check if someone has arrived at their destination, the app has notifications that do the job even better: It uses GPS tracking, letting caregivers see exactly where their loved one is and even includes data like their speed limit and total travel time. Location sharing can go both ways, so a senior also knows where to reach their caregiver.

Website: Life:360

 The app is simple to use and gives you weather alerts for storms, dangerous temperatures, and more. It also gives hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts, so seniors can safely plan events and trips.

Website: AccuWeather

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This blood pressure app helps you track your blood pressure measurements and track your progress. It can be synced with Apple’s Health app or the Google Fit app, and it even shows charts and breakdowns, helping you stay proactive about your blood pressure. Using this app along with blood pressure monitors and smart watches can help you easily track your heart health.

Website: SmartBP

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