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3D Printed Houses, which have been talked about for a long time, have become real. 3D Printed has come a long way to this point, it has evolved. It started with the discovery of SLA in 1984. 3D Printed Houses are seen as the industry of the future thanks to its many advantages. In fact, we have started to experience this future exactly. Two companies in the US have completed their work for this construction and even put their homes for sale.

3D Printed structures are made using a special cement mixture that is thicker than concrete, they do not need extra beams. This self-supporting feature paves the way for new construction methods. At the same time, architects and contractors save on materials and production costs thanks to the methods they use. According to calculations, it allows the construction to save 80%. Therefore, 3D Printed Houses are less costly. 3D Printed houses, which can also be produced using wastes and recyclable materials, are environmentally friendly by generating little waste. It also provides endless possibilities for architects for complex building designs. Completes complex structures with much less cost with 3D Printed. In addition to all these, it also saves time. Under normal circumstances, it completes in a much shorter time than the construction period of construction. It will be the best option in emergency situations. It is safer on job security.

Everything about 3D Printed homes looks positive. Well, if you ask if there are negative points in this incident, my answer is: yes, there are. First of all, you can only use concrete and plastic materials as construction materials. It does not allow wood or other materials. In addition, the municipalities and the government do not have a specific building code on this issue. 3D Printed houses were built in many parts of America and the projects continue. Interest in this subject is increasing day by day. Whereas a few years ago people were looking anxious and curious about it, now these homes are on sale in Long Island, NYC, and Austin, Texas.


Image Credits: archpaper.com

The features of this house that SQ4D built in Long Island are as follows: It has a printing time of 48 hours and the total construction time of the construction is 8 days. Only 3 people worked using ARCS technology for construction. Covering 1900 square feet, this house is 8 feet tall. Featuring three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two garages, this 3D Printed House is worth $ 300K. The ARCS technology was first announced in 2018. It was developed not only for house construction but also for large-scale designs such as roads and bridges.


Image Credit: core77.com/posts

Built using Vulcan 3D Printed technology owned by the robotics lab, ICON is this 3D Printed house project in Austin, Texas, designed by Logan Architecture and developed by Kansas City developer 3Strands.

Each house has a garden and an open car park. These houses with open concept floor plan, bespoke interior, large windows, and high-performance HVAC have a minimal and aesthetic appearance.

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