Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your family? Look no further! This blog has compiled a list of 20 DIY craft projects the whole family can enjoy. From easy and affordable ideas to more challenging and unique projects, there’s something for everyone. So, gather your materials, get inspired, and start making memories with your loved ones. Read on to discover 20 fun DIY craft projects for the whole family!

Since this product is a miniature house, you can customize it with your family, maybe even put Superman in it; it’s all up to your creativity!

Buy here: DIY Dream Home Minature Wooden Doll House

You can customize this product as you wish and create a happy winter day fun with your family!

Buy here: DIY Magic Growing Christmas Tree 


Do you like to cook with your family? By shaping your cookies with this product, you can have both delicious and fun times!

Buy here: DIY Flower Shape Cookie Cutter

Again, it is very customizable; all you have to do is find glue. A samurai figure might be fine; who wouldn’t find a samurai making noodles funny? Of course, it’s up to you.

Buy here: DIY Unique Wooden Style Oriental Hand-assembled House

 Sushi has become everyone’s favorite lately; how about making sushi with your family quickly with this product?

Buy here: DIY Mini Mould Sushi Maker

We are all in love with music boxes. This product will not only satisfy your longing for the music box, but you will also be able to have fun with your family while making the product.

Buy here: DIY Wooden Puzzle Model Music Box Kit

 It can be an excellent choice to create a nice ambiance in your home at night. Also, you can customize it as you wish.

Buy here: DIY Floating Moon Night Lamp

Who would have thought you could do such creative things with an ice cream stick? With this mold, you can create beautiful things and have fun with your family.

Buy here: DIY Quick Homemade Popsicle Maker Mold


You can customize your slippers in a fun way with these slipper accessories. Your kids will especially enjoy it.

Buy here: DIY Funny Slipper Accessories

This will be the perfect decor for your home, and you will have the opportunity to express your creativity while customizing this mold.

Buy here: 3D Silicone DIY Flower Pot Mold

Another exciting decoration for your home! It can be an excellent choice to do this puzzle and put it somewhere in your home. Also, you don’t need to use glue.

Buy here: 3D Scorpion King Puzzle Toy

A kit for miniature Japanese buildings can be nice to show off your family’s creativity. You may discover the person with the highest artistic spirit in your family.

Buy here: Miniature DIY Japanese Building Toys Kit

 Dragons are the most mysterious and famous mythological creatures in history. You can have fun making dragon eggs with your family using these molds.

Buy here: Dragon Egg DIY Resin Mold

It would be interesting to bring the solar system into your home. It can be both educational and entertaining for your children.

Buy here: Solar System Intergalactic DIY Wooden Toy

Since we also love music boxes, we give a lot of space on this blog. It can be a nice decoration for your home.

Buy here: DIY Swing Puzzle Music Box

 We are here with an excellent choice to beautify your library. What would two samurai look like in this street with their swords unsheathed? Customization is your job; of course, we’re just giving you an idea.

Buy here: 3D DIY Japanese Style Street Bookcase

We are here with another ideal product for you to have fun with your children. Although all the fun is left to the children, you could have some fun with their permission.

Buy here: Mini DIY Kids Garden Kit

If you want to leave a memory for your child when he/she opens his/her eyes to the world, this product is for you.

Buy here: DIY Newborn Baby Footprint Mold

There is always a blank wall in our house that we cannot use. We’re here with a product to customize exactly that wall. We hope you and your family have a good time installing this product.

Buy here: DIY Swing Puzzle Music Box

Again, we give you a product suggestion where you can use your creativity as you wish. If you want to organize a dance competition with your family using this product, you can color any of your items. The choice is yours!

Buy here: LED Neon DIY Luminous Costume Light

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