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20 Amazing Photos Taken By Drones

Drones are one of the most innovative and technological tools used today. It is a technological tool especially used by photography enthusiasts. With drones, you can shoot aerial videos or take amazing aerial photos. With drones, we started seeing photos that we are not always used to seeing. A top view of a city … Isn’t it magnificent?

You can find the best examples of drone photography on sites like SkyPixel and Dronestagr. They organize photo contests in which many contestants from all over the world participate. We have selected some amazing drone photos for you. Scroll down and get caught in the magic.

1. Photo by Adammao, Cronulla Beach

2. Photo by Szabolcs Ignacz, Ireland

3. Photo by Maksim Tarasov, Glacier Lagoon/Iceland

4. Photo by Enrico Pescantini, Mexico

5. Photo by Calin Stan, Transylvania/Romania

6. Photo by Natasha Garnelis

7. Photo by jcourtial, Santorini

8. Photo by Lance Asper, Florida

9.  Photo by Ulysses Padilha, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

10. Photo by Daniele Massaro, Sunset Lake/Italy

11. Photo by Karolis Janulis, Vilnius/Lithuania

12.  Emersom Miranda, Torre di Capo Malfatano/Italy

13. Photo by Jelipe Gomez, Mexico

14. Photo by Martin Ezequiel Sanchez, Atlantic City/United States

15. Photo by fcattuto, Pink Lakes

16. Photo by Ricardo Matiello, Paraná, Brazil

17. Photo by Colin, Twizel Canal

18. Photo by Okiem-Drona, Lake Borków/Poland 

19. Photo by Bob Gates, Clinton Square

20. Photo by stephcout, Lofoten /Norway 



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