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15 Unique Tools Everyone Should Own

As the years go by and your projects get more ambitious, you’ll come to learn that there are plenty of tools out there that will help you complete any project. But with so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start! Here in this blog, we have compiled 15 unique and useful tools for you.

Mufti-function and wide use toolbox kit perfect for home DIY projects including furniture assembling,lighting,woodwork, plumbing repair,car repair,Construction site, mechanics and etc.

The revolutionary technology based on micro-electro-mechanical systems and advanced software technology combines to achieve high precision measurement with accuracy better than +-0.5Degree. Multi-national imported components precision assembly, for the instrument’s performance plus, intelligent and accurate at the same time. Construction to find the level easily.

This electronic distance measure is very convenient to engineering survey and house design and decoration, this is faster simpler to get the measurement results than with a traditional tape measure, getting results quickly in 0.5s. If you are a professional construction engineer, definitely you need this laser taper measure, actually, this laser measuring device is a good helper, especially as a room measurer laser for realtors.

This flexible shaft can be used for ordinary chuck-type electric drills and electric screwdrivers (clamp 1/4). The head of the flexible shaft can be installed with a hexagonal handle (1/4 handle) bit, which is mainly suitable for computer cases, electrical cabinets, furniture, electrical appliances, etc., in narrow spaces, such as dead corners and other environments where screwdrivers cannot work.

Removing burrs does not hurt the hands and improves efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of chuck drills and meets different needs. Any thread can be ground.

Special carbon steel material with various functions, sawing, cutting, cutting, shovel, wrench, nail, ruler, protective spear, up to 8 kids, umbrella handle can be used for binding, integrated design, Avoid breaking.

This screw holder is free from hand screws, which improves the safety of workers. Assist the novice in hitting the problem of deviation and skewness when screwing to improve work efficiency. Small and light, easy to carry. It is suitable for the bit with a handle diameter of 6-8mm.

It is an anti-rust aluminum alloy screwdriver handle and storage box. Easy to Plug, Bits head with magnetic can easily absorb screws. It is suitable for watches, cameras, computers, mobile phones and other appliances.

This handy tool comes with eight most needed screwdriver tips. Never misplace screwdriver bits again with this unique folding arm design. The tool has a work light for working in dark spaces. Its portable design makes it easy for you to carry with, really a good tool to repair electronics.

Digital pocket kitchen scale built with a high precision sensor system provides instant and accurate results from 0.03g to 200g. Easy to clean and use, guarantee you an accurate weighing reading.

The mini thickness measurement tool is light weight (73g) for easy taking. It is suitable for measuring the thickness of paper, film, wire, sheet, jewelry, leather, etc.

It is easy and convenient to operate, wireless design, is safe to use, reasonable size, and is suitable for both home use and take it out.

This spring-loaded center punch tool is suitable for a variety of tasks ranging from construction to automotive and can be used as an awl for belts or a glass window breaker for car safety. Each 5-inch center punch tool is spring-loaded with an adjustable stroke that can accommodate various types of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, and leather for all your home improvement projects.

The multi-functional design is ingenious. It is an electric nail gun, pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, pliers, vice, hammer, etc. Novel structure, a wide range of applications, multi-functional, rich tool perfect combination to meet your different needs.Suitable for house furniture maintenance, outdoor camping, factory processing, etc. It is forged with special tool steel, so it is very durable. Multi-functional universal hammer, easy to carry and operate.

Mini electric screwdriver.A great Helper for your daily repairing projects, USB charging design, providing ample power timely. Slim Plastic housing body with pen shape design, easy to use. Ultra-precision flexible circuit design ensures a long lifetime. Built-in lion battery driving can work 90 Minutes continuously.

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