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15 Unique Tech Gadgets You will Love

There are so many cool gadgets out there that it can be hard to know where to start. With the development of technology, many products have been invented to make our lives easier. But you can’t find these 15 unique tech gadgets that we have listed for you anywhere else than on MaviGadget!

The Smart Electronic Led Screen Rechargeable Ruler is useful to make your life better and easier. It does not matter whether you are at home, at work, or outdoors; you can use the product everywhere. The ruler can measure accurately, and the measurement is clearly displayed on the screen, which is very convenient in measuring the object’s length. In addition, it is easy to use and easy to carry so that you can take it anywhere in the world.

The revolutionary technology based on micro-electro-mechanical systems and advanced software technology combines to achieve high precision measurement with accuracy better than +-0.5Degree. Multi-national imported components precision assembly, for the instrument’s performance plus, intelligent and accurate at the same time. Construction to find the level easily.

LED highlight backlight, open your eyes in the morning and see the time of penetration, reminding the new day of such a gentle and beautiful, suddenly enlightened, sometimes full of vitality. Bluetooth speakers are also digital alarm clocks, which support three-level brightness adjustment, which is considerate and energy-saving.

The lamp holder is a universal E27 lamp holder, easy to install, dual-light support lighting, 360-degree panoramic rotation angle of view, mobile phone remote viewing, wifi link, intelligent human motion detection and screen abnormal alarm, the camera when someone breaks in is detected It can actively sound the alarm and flash, real-time intelligent two-way voice intercom, 2 million high-definition pixels, maximum support 128G memory card, support cloud storage, and TF card storage.

 Support 112 languages voice real-time mutual translation, multi-national accents can be understood and translated accurately, and you can easily travel to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. AI voice assistant function, your personal intelligent robot provides rich and practical intelligent voice services, such as weather, time, travel encyclopedia, etc., think about what you want and understand what you need.

The indispensable mouse pad for gamers is now with a wireless charging station!  Integrates the convenience of wireless charging with a performance micro-textured mouse pad, bringing you a multi-purpose and convenient experience. You will love this mouse pad with its RGB LED feature and excellent feel. Perfect gift for your gamer friends. 

This home mini projector is a professional mobile device for home entertainment. It has a high light output and a compact design, making it the perfect projector for home theater, classroom lectures, business meetings, and so on. This mini projector uses a LED lamp which is eco-friendly and energy-saving. It’s portable and easy to carry. It offers you the ultimate experience of visual enjoyment with a whole new perspective of your world.

This portable travel printer is small enough to be put into your briefcase or packsack, especially when you are on the go business travel. Print anytime and anywhere.

This Elegant Multi-function desk lamp, support Qi wireless charger, It can charge your device while reading at the night, avoid any charging cables twining.

Compared with the old flip pens, the new generation of flip pens knows no limits. Supports USB & Type-C. No limit for interface also supports the Type-C notebooks. Stay Calm and Confident at the Meeting; More efficient for speech and reporting. Accurate marking of key points makes teaching more effective. 

This hidden camera video recorder is the world’s smallest portable pocket video camera. It is equipped with a practical stand that allows it to be placed on a flat surface. When an object moves within the monitoring range, the camera will push the alarm information to the mobile phone through the APP.

Equipped with a Sony 13mp CMOS sensor, Mini Vlog Camera can achieve high-quality 4k video output and support up to 60fps video recording.

The lightweight body of only 76g with ergonomic design brings not only comfortable handheld feeling but also 3840×2160 video image with 4 times of 1080P HD effect. U3 microSDXC card is equipped to achieve 100MB/s video transmission. Moreover, EP7 also supports the storage capacity of up to 256G for more than 4K videos with HD display.

It is easy to install without wiring and drilling! No costly professional is needed for installation! You can install it on your door in about 5 minutes with just a screwdriver. It fits the most single-cylinder door lock, both left and right-handed doors. The Fingerprints of the elderly and children can be accurately and quickly identified.

Keep your important items safe and secure with this fingerprint lock. The lock can be opened with a fingerprint scan, and it is waterproof, so you can protect your valuables in any weather!

The headlamp flashlight has an easily adjustable elastic headband and two buckles. Its compact size and IPX4 water resistance are very suitable for running, camping, fishing, and outdoor adventures. (Easily adjusts to hard hats and helmets)

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