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15 Phone Accessories You Need In Your Life

Phones have certainly simplified our lives, but that’s only the case because accessories exist. From cases with interchangeable lenses to stands that you can attach to your toilet, accessories are what make phones so convenient. Sometimes, though, you don’t need an accessory, you just want one. Here are some of our favorite phone accessories that we recommend, whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a friend or totally upgrade your current phone.

Smart Sleep Mode – Intelligent Magnetic induction can be switched on/off the keyboard; it automatically enters the sleep mode once closed. Energy-saving and convenience.      

Creative Door Handle Phone Case, Fashionable Fancy handmade 3D designs for a phone case made of environmental silicone material.

This case will protect your phone from scratches, bumps, drops, and cracks. It is also designed to lay flat on your device to access all buttons and ports. This case has a sleek design, is lightweight, and is made from durable, impact-resistant, molded plastic.

The Phone Camera Ring Lens Protector is a lens protector for your phone camera. It keeps the camera clear and free from dirt and smudges.

Cute Cartoon Animals Cable Cover Protector protects your cables from dirt and damage. Soft microfiber gently cleans the threads without scratching.

The Digital Bluetooth Gaming Sport Headphones are the perfect gaming accessory. They’re lightweight and comfortable, with a built-in mic for chatting while you game. The headband is adjustable for all head shapes and sizes so that it fits comfortably over your ears. The touch sensor on both earbuds allows you to answer calls or switch music without reaching your phone.

Want to charge your phone fast? This Wired Bracelet Phone Charger gives you just that! The charger is small enough to fit in your bag, and it has a curved design, so it wraps snugly around your wrist.

Wireless Touch Control Power Bank Earphone is a unique and must-have product that every music lover needs. With the Wireless Touch Control Power Bank Earphone, you can keep your music and phone calls going without ever having to worry about running out of power. 

Protect expensive lenses from scratches, dust, dirt, and fingerprints with these protective lens covers.

Never be without power again! This portable power bank offers a full charge to your phone or tablet (up to 2,100mAh) in just 3 hours, meaning you can charge on the go. Features a 4 LED indicator light to show how much power you have left.

Phone Stand For Mobile Phones Desk Tablet PC. Phone Holder For iPhone For Samsung S8 For Huawei For LG For Sony. Stand Holder For iPad For iPod Touch 2 3 4 Generation

This cool wall mount features a unique way to hold phones, remote control, and other devices. Drill-free wall phone holder is secure, safe, and easy to install. It’s perfect for holding phones, remotes, keys, and anything else you need within easy reach–and it will not move or fall when in use.

This funny doll case features a friendly-looking giant winking eyeball on the exterior.

Evironment-friendly PS Materials, non-toxic,smell-less, strong and durable. Put together to save space. Easy to take care of peels and shells. Base thicker for good balance

This phone case is the perfect way to show your love of space and science. The holder keeps your phone in place while you’re working on your next project, and the design is inspired by real-life space suits. With this case, you’ll feel like a true astronaut when you take a call or check your messages.

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