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15 Cool and Unique Mugs, Cups & Glasses

Looking for a unique mug, cup or glass to add a touch of coolness to your drinks? Check out some of these amazing options! From retro-inspired glasses to funky, colorful mugs, there’s something for everyone. Plus, many of these items come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any personality. 

These Japanese Retro Handmade Ceramic Cups are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage. An elegant design coffee cup is ideal to serve coffee, tea, or other drinks. Enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea with this mug, adding color to your daily life. Thanks to the big capacity and wide mouth, this coffee cup is great for everyday use. The mug can be used for years with its durable construction.

Dazzle your teatime guests with this lovely teapot set. Crafted from ceramic, the teapot features an elegant giraffe design.

The Color Changing Ceramic Cup is the perfect gift for any coffee or tea lover. The cup changes color when it is filled with a hot beverage and goes back to its original color when it cools down. It is a perfect gift!

This mug is the perfect gift for any occasion, and this mug is made with love and care. The ergonomic design of the hand grip is in line with the habit of holding a cup in your hand and is comfortable.

Keep your glassware interesting and impress your guests with this unique irregular glass tumbler.

This original mug features a colorful mushroom design decorated with an elegant floral pattern. This mug is a great way to “bring the forest home.”

This is a great for cold/hot tea, ice cream, morning coffee, milk, and juice. It is suitable for Office, Home, Restaurant, Cafe, Gift, and Teahouse and a perfect gift for girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister or dad, mom, teacher.

The exquisite design keeps your beverage at the ideal temperature regardless of whether it is hot or cold. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the outside touch of the cup remains cool, making it very suitable for a cup of hot coffee on the go! This also prevents any external condensation.

This Japanese portable tea set is compact, durable, and easy to use. The disposable tea set is made of environmentally friendly plant fiber pulp, naturally biodegradable. It is suitable for drinking tea in car/office/travel/outdoor activities/private party. Ideal for brewing green tea, black tea, Pu’er tea, oolong tea, and even scented tea.

This mug is perfect for your favorite tea drinker. It features to keep the teabag in place while you enjoy your hot beverage. This will ensure that the flavor and aroma of their drink are not lost, as it is with traditional coffee mugs. The mug has a sturdy handle and durable construction.

The mug is made of ceramic and has a unique design that is perfect for your morning cup of joe. It will add some personality to your morning routine. The artwork on the mug features a dream catcher, crescent moon, stars.

This Creative Separated Tea Filter Ceramic Cup Set is perfect for the tea lover. The filter separates the leaves from the tea, so you can enjoy your delicious cup of loose leaf tea without having to worry about getting any in your mouth!

The Unique Water Activated LED Flashing Party Mug is perfect for any party. The flashing lights make it easy to find your drink in the dark, and it’s also a great way to keep track of your drink at all times.

Modern and simple style, built-in filter liner design, separation of tea and water, simplifying the process of making tea. 360ML large capacity, no need to get up frequently to add water, tall cup body, good fragrant and flavor gathering effect, easy to clean.

The Japanese Ceramic Cat Breakfast Mug is a great way to start your day. The ceramic cat design on the mug will put you in an awesome mood, and it also comes with a lid. 

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