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12 Cool and Unique Wall Clocks to Spice Up Your Living Space

There are many types of clocks beyond the digital option. It can be hard to find just the right clock for your space with all these options. To help you find the perfect clock for your room, we’ve come up with 12 unique wall clocks that will make your space look unique and stylish.

You can use the remote control to set three levels of brightness, adjust 7 ring light colors and freely switch between different colors to create a different atmosphere. The LED display interface can switch the display time and temperature.

Automatically sense the light; when the room becomes dark, the soft backlight will turn on, making it easy to see. It is not showing the seconds, only the hour and minutes. Sheer black color can integrate with circumstance perfectly, very fashionable and simple.

A Vintage clock Decor records The perfect combination of retro and modern art-the wall clock is made of real 12-inch vinyl records through our unique design, while the dial is made of specially customized stickers.

Unlike other using cardboard as a clock background that is easily damaged in moisture and wet season, this clock back base is made of solid plastic, therefore remain well function and dry in any weather condition.

This DIY Wall Clock is a great way to make a unique and beautiful DIY Home Decoration. The DIY 3D wall clock is a creative wall clock. It’s a good way to express your creativity. It is easy to assemble and you can DIY the clock by yourself. You can easily make this DIY 3D Number Large Wall Clock and you’ll have a personalized piece to hang on your wall. 

A gorgeous wall decor that is multi-functional. The 3D metal wall clock can be used as a decorative decor for the living room, dining room, bedroom and can also be used in the office. It is also an excellent gift for your friends or family members. This modern luxury wall clock decor with a large size and style. This wall clock decor is also an amazing 3D metal map wall clock. The unique design of this wall clock decor will make your room incomparable and unforgettable.

This vintage wall clock is a good decoration for home, office, coffeeshop, bar, etc. A great gift for your friends and families. The noiseless design brings you comfort and peace.

Simple and generous form, with style and personality. Made of iron art, resistant to use, and can be used for a long time, it is not easy to damage. The smooth surface provides a good hand feeling. Adds a stylish atmosphere to your rooms. Suitable for living room, bedroom, office space, etc.

Silent Quartz Movement – Silent non-ticking mechanism with quartz movement, which ensures you a good sleeping or working environment. It is a unique and perfect clock for your living room.

It is a brand new and high-quality design. Transparent acrylic clock. Silent movement, give you a quiet night. Perfect to decorate the living room, bedroom, office, cafe, etc. Easy to install or remove. Make your room charming and sweet.

High-quality MDF is a dial, multi-colour, environmentally-friendly materials, no harm to the human body, high flame retardancy, moisture resistance, and difficult to deform. Silent, non-tick quartz movement to provide you with a quiet and comfortable environment. Large gears, you can adjust the clock by flicking it. Irregular triangle design, curved edges, smooth and delicate. Modern and simple style, suitable for all occasions, study, public place, office, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kindergarten, can decorate your house well. Walnut hands, scale / digital wall clock, increase the beauty. Easy to install and hang, lightweight, can be completed in seconds, so it can be fixed on any wall without causing any confusion.Style: Brief

The silent non-ticking mechanism with sweeping movement which ensures a good sleeping and work environment. Providing light sleepers a quiet space without any humming sound.
Sturdy plastic frame and glass lens make it easy to clean and keeps dust away from the dial. Vintage clock is not only made for timekeeping, but bathroom clock also functions as beautiful home decor, but you can also put the small clock in living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office. 

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