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10 Tech Smartphone Gadgets for Busy Individuals

We’ve all seen it: someone in the office, the subway, and even the classroom is completely absorbed by their phone. They ignore their surroundings, the people around them, and the world as a whole, in favor of checking their latest text messages, notifications, and social media updates. We decided to write a blog to make life easier for people living with their phones and to find solutions to some problems. And as a result, we’ve picked out nine tech gadgets that will help you get the most out of your phone, without taking over your life.

The Atom Foldable is a magnetic wireless phone stabilizer that can be used to smart stabilize your phone, while you are recording video, or while you are taking photos. It can be used in both landscape and portrait orientations. It can be charged a wireless charger.

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The waterproof bicycle phone holder is not only a phone holder for your bike, but it is also a mount for your phone. There are multiple ways that the phone can be mounted. The phone can be mounted so that it is on the handlebars, so that your phone can be seen with its case on or off.

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Adjustable Waterproof Bicycle Phone Holder

Comfortably Type on a Keyboard Practically Anywhere With New Generation Laser Keyboard for Mobile

Looking for an advanced and ultra-portable keyboard? Our Laser Keyboard for Mobile is a portable projection keyboard that projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface and compatible with many systems.

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Portable Laser Keyboard

We all know that it’s a pain to keep up with all the different cords and chargers to power our Android devices, smartphones and tablets. The need for chargers and cords is always there, whether you are at home, or away. In order to make our lives easier, there are many android charging station that are available. They are small devices that allow you to charge multiple devices, or your entire collection of devices at the same time

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Android in one Charging Station and Connector

The Phone Screen Magnifier (With Bluetooth Speaker), enjoy a high-definition stereo sound with an impressive volume whether you watch TV or listen to music, The phone screen magnifier uses High Definition Acrylic Lens, is 1.5mm thick, magnifying your phone’s screen 2 times the size. which will relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue causing by a long time focusing on the small screen.

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HD Phone Screen Expander with Speaker

This product is a great way to have a charging cable for your iPhone without the hassle of carrying a long cable. Nowadays there are charging stations everywhere like malls, amusement parks, etc.

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Leather Mini USB Bracelet Charger

We are often looking for ways to make life easier for ourselves by using technology. After a long day, it can be hard to find a comfortable position to watch your favorite show or movie when you’re in bed. The Flexible 360 Degrees Lazy Neck Smartphone Holder is the perfect accessory for those who have trouble keeping the phone in place or just can’t seem to find the right angle. It is a universal holder for smartphones, featuring a flexible gooseneck that allows you to adjust your position to get the perfect viewing angle.

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Flexible 360 Degree LazyNeck Smartphone Holder

The 12x Telephoto Lens is compatible with all iPhone models, and is a great choice for taking photos in low-light settings, or getting a closer shot of your favorite subject. The zoom lens also captures crisp, clear images, and is a great addition to your collection of iPhone photo accessories.

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12X Telephoto Telescope Optical Zoom Lens+ Wide Angle & Macro+ Fisheye Lens for Iphone Models

Is your enjoyment of games, movies or talking with your friend interrupted because your battery is low while wearing headphones? Then this product is just for you, you can enjoy your phone comfortably by wearing your headphones and charging your phone!.

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Iphone Lighting Audio Adapter

If you’re the type of person who plays a lot of mobile games, you may find yourself spending a lot of time on your phone. If you’re the type of person who’s serious about their mobile gaming, you’ll want the best possible gaming hardware Now it will be very easy for you to play games on your phone! 

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Mobile Gaming Kit

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