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10 Gmail Add-Ons to Enhance Your Productivity

Email remains a crucial tool for professional communication and managing your Gmail efficiently can significantly enhance your productivity. Gmail, known for its user-friendly interface, also supports various add-ons to further streamline your email management. Here, we have curated a list of 10 Gmail add-ons that can bolster your productivity manifold:

  1. Grammarly:
    • This add-on helps in correcting grammar and spelling errors. It’s especially useful in Gmail where most of your professional communication happens.
    • Download Grammarly
  2. WiseStamp:
    • Create inspiring signatures for your Gmail accounts with WiseStamp. It offers plenty of templates to choose from.
    • Download WiseStamp
  3. Checker Plus:
    • Checker Plus provides browser notifications for incoming emails, letting you interact with them while browsing.
    • Download Checker Plus
  4. Trimbox:
    • Identify, mass-delete, and unsubscribe from spam emails quickly with Trimbox.
    • Download Trimbox
  5. Mailtrack:
    • Mailtrack helps in tracking whether the emails sent by you have been opened or not.
    • Download Mailtrack
  6. TickTick:
    • Organize your tasks efficiently with TickTick, which can also be integrated with Gmail.
    • Download TickTick
  7. Asana for Gmail:
  8. Evernote:
    • Save important emails to Evernote and organize your notes, projects, and deadlines.
    • Download Evernote
  9. Dropbox:
  10. Zoom:
    • Schedule and join Zoom meetings directly from your Gmail.
    • Download Zoom
These Gmail add-ons are aimed at enhancing your email productivity by organizing your tasks, improving your email content, and ensuring that you stay on top of your priorities. So, go ahead and give these add-ons a try to experience a noticeable improvement in your Gmail productivity

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