Our precious homes… Homes that are our living spaces reflect who we are. It reflects us not only as an interior design but also as a view, garden, garage, and landscape. Think about the day you moved to your home? You’ve definitely looked at dozens of houses. You must have spent hours choosing the most convenient, useful one for yourself. While we reflect on our own style in this way, architects show their thoughts and styles with their works. They show their difference with the location they choose, the materials they want to use, the size of the house, and many other factors.
We selected a few modern houses. Maybe you’ve even seen many of them. They have become very popular lately. We wanted to share them with you. Maybe they will inspire you too…

Modern homes are distinguished by sharp lines, geometric shapes, wide-open floor plans.

Coogee House by Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

Gorgeous two-story residence located in Coogee, Australia. The fact that one wall of the hall is completely window provides a spacious environment.

Bainbridge Island by Coates Design

Imagine how peaceful this house is. Being in the trees provides us with fresh air. With its modern structure, it does not distract us from urban life. The architect combined these two elements in a great way.

Canada by the architecture studio Keith Baker

This modern house made using natural wood must be the dream of those who want to live in a large house. The house, which combines modern and casual style, fascinates.

Skygarden House by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Despite being 2,420 square feet, it looks much larger. The huge windows opening to the garden allow the hall to expand. In addition to the garden, it also has a magnificent terrace.

Nettleton 198 House by Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects

There is a lot to say about this house. It is a masterpiece. It has a magnificent ocean view. There is also a swimming pool on the other side of the house.

Rothesay Bay House by Creative Arch

Simple but stunning. Details are designed with sharp lines. This does not mean it is not an eye-catching structure. We liked this structure because it has a lot of windows.

Hideki Ishikawa Construction

This Japanese-style house looks like a pioneer of simplicity. A perfect architecture that is far from pretentious but will draw attention with its different structure in the city.

Bungalow Purea / Kern-Haus

This single-story bungalow provides magnificent living space. It has a garage and a great landscape. This home style, which has been very popular lately, can inspire you.

Modern Farmhouse by Lloyd Architects

You may also be dreaming of a Scandinavian-style house. This house, which looks small and cute, has modern details.

Portage Bay New Home Build by Brightwork Builders

Another house with Scandinavian detail. This house built in Seattle attracts a lot of attention. Absolutely new generation home. We loved this house very much.